So, after almost 4 years of no new submissions, I have finally created a new song. I tried so many times during this long ass haitus to attempt a new song, even just a short loop, but for some reason, I was never satisfied with what I had and would quit after just 5 minutes of starting a new project. But somehow, I finally managed to create something and I now have a new song up :D Let's see If I can pull an eminem, (without the drug problem LOL) and rise from the ashes after such a long absence. Future uploads may happen, so long as I can yank the motivation and creative ability out of me arse

So, I'm still around...

2013-06-27 12:41:37 by BallinFatty

Yes, I'm still alive, for anyone who has been wondering where I've been. In the past year, I haven't been able to create a song, so most likely, there will not be any new submissions from me. I feel like I have lost it. I have 7 songs with the intro completed, and I just can't seem to get past that point. But i figured I'd let anyone who cares know, yes, I'm still here

If I somehow manage to complete a song, I will upload it to the site like always 

What? Ballin Fatty is evolving!!

2011-12-28 18:03:34 by BallinFatty

I now have the full version of Fruity Loops Studio 10. Thanks to a good friend (and music artist as well) who was able to get me a copy. Thanks. Once I get the hang of all the new stuff, expect to see some more submissions. Ones that were made in periods longer than 2-3 days. Oh yea, they'll sound less midi, and more professional. Be on the lookout

I recently made a remix of the AVGN theme. However, for the first time, I have encountered an issue with the size limit of the mp3. Mainly because the speech synthisizer. So it is not availible here on Newgrounds. However I do have it posted on Youtube, so If you want to hear it, check it out there. Read description, like, and help it get noticed. Thanks

Misc AVGN Theme Remix UKt4

Cleanup complete. BallinFattys looking good!!

2010-11-02 11:23:40 by BallinFatty

Now that the toxic waste has been dealt with, people wont have to knit-pick through 109 tracks to find out which ones are at least half way decent. With all my garbagy content removed (aside from 2 I can't remove, one has over 2,000 listens and the other is in an aggrivatingly difficult flash game here on the site) I went from 109 submissions down to 88. Things are looking a lot better in my audio listings. Now we can all rest peacefully knowing that there will be no illnesses to the ear due to rusty garbage on my page :D

Be sure to listen to the remaining tracks (preferably the more recent ones) and leave a review and/or vote if you have the chance

Removing Garbagy Content: Saving the Newgrounds Community!!

2010-10-28 22:03:12 by BallinFatty

In about 5 days, I will be doing an audio sweep. Basically I am removing many of my older tracks (mainly the ones that quite frankly suck) Just a little heads up. Once I take them down they will not be back up. Download as many of these garbagy songs as you please while you still have a chance, because this is the only chance you will have

Ballin Fatty out!!

I made some Sprite Videos. Check them out on Youtube!!!

2009-05-29 17:08:50 by BallinFatty

Hey all!! Just wanted to let anyone who visits my userpage know that I made some videos a while back, and would like you all to take a look at them. Since I dont have flash, and I can't upload them here, (due to invalid file type) I put them up on Youtube for everyone to enjoy. They are all based on a storyline I wrote, if you would call it that

MegaMan Fights Ep.1: Megaman Heads To Battle
MegaMan Fights Ep.2: MegaMan VS Sonic
MegaMan Fights Ep.3: MegaMan Ultimate Massacre
MegaMan Fights Ep.4: Rebirthing Vengence xaZo YhTM 7Rnk WyTk

And, as a bonus, I just finished the 5th video
Megaman Fights Ep. 5: Night Of Metamorphic Appearance Pzcc&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL

I made each video using ripped sprites, copy-pasted them into Microsoft Paint, and edited them together in Windows Movie Maker. I gave credit to all Sprite rippers and to the artist here on Newgrounds whose audio I used, however the credits are only in the 3rd video. (The fourth video has credits for its audio, as well as the sites each song was downloaded from, the first 3 were uploaded back after christmas of 08, and the newest on on June 1st of 2010.) To anyone who views them, please leave a comment either on Youtube, or on my Userpage here on Newgrounds. Feel free to comment on both!!

My Youtube username is "15andahalf" (BallinFatty was actually taken, which made me MAD!!)

I hope you enjoy my Sprite Movies!!

Remakes & Remixes. There is a difference you know...

2008-02-26 20:01:08 by BallinFatty

This has been bugging me for a while, and I thought I'd post it here just to get it out of me. People (lots of them here on newgrounds) will "remix" a song, but when you listen to it, doesnt it always sound the same?? Not to offend anybody, but there is a difference between a "remix" and a "remake". I have nothing against any remakes, in fact, some of them are actually pretty good, its just when people label it as a remix, (when it is clearly a remake) that irritates me. The difference being, a remake is the typical newgrounds-artist song: The same tempo and same notes, just replaced with different instruments and drumkits. Not that they aren't good, but the original sounds just the same. Dont be boring, we want to be excited and amazed at any talent you may have!! A true remix is when certain elements of that particular track are changed. For example, slowed or quickened tempos, a change of pitch and/or beats, changing the theme of the song (i.e. transforming a metal song into a jazz loop or vice-versa) and what really spices up a remix, is throwing in some melodies and riffs that are your original ideas. Sure, I havent done all of that in the past, but I am really trying to improve what talent I may have and create remixes, not remakes!! Like I said a couple times before, I'm not offending anybody, I'm simply sharing my view and encouraging the many other great musicians out there to experiment with different techniques, and make the best REMIX ever.