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This is the start of something beautiful

DeathlyILL423 responds:

Agreed, fellow music producer


thats all i have to say

Or4nges responds:

Then all I have to say is thanks :P

you sent, i came

you're right, this is very good. altho this is amazing, i prefer the style executed in toxic rave a tad better. and gotta say, i wouldnt mind having that "obsolete" program. im loving the quality of the sounds. the FLstudio demo sounds like stuff from a midi. what program do you use??

5/5 10/10 keep it up

PaulyBFromDa303 responds:

Cakewalk Kinetic 2. Came out in 2006. Yeah it's a bit obsolete compared to other programs I've heard, and I'm getting a newer program soon. Can't wait.

Glad you like it. Thanks much!

led astray from the original track

and that is indeed a very good thing. i like the theme of this one. the style you went into with this one is a style very distant from that of the original track. gotta say, this is a truly amazing piece you got right here. i'd like to see what you could do with original works of your own. as for the remix, there arent too many remixers on NG with talent like this. (i am guilty). most of them just import a MIDI and label it "remix". NO. "this is a remix" its a rare treat to find one on here on NG

wow that was a mouthful. again, this is amazing. i found this under a song of mine in the box that said "Users who liked this also enjoyed:" i saw this and, here is a review

5/5 10/10 downloaded

PaulyBFromDa303 responds:

You want a good original? Unfortunately my equipment is gone but, my best original so far is Touch Of Destiny. I think you'd like it.

And yeah you're right about usual Newgrounds stuff. I try not to be like that, I actually put detail into my work LOL.

I appreciate the review. This was under one of your songs eh? Guess I just have to mosey on over to your page then XD

Thanks again

nice. one of their better songs

nice. one of the few bloc party remixes ive seen on NG

have u heard any of their newer recent stuff? i'd be impressed if u could pull off something like this with a newer BP track

victory!! 5/5 10/10

AurumOnline responds:

Hey, thanks for the awesome review dude :)
Yeah, I'm a big fan of theirs, I might try and make something newer eventually, but to be honest I prefer their older tunes to the new ones ;)

Victory indeed, thanks again ;) x


another amazing orchestrated piece.

i'd like to see what u could do with aqaurius, thats a pretty amazing track for CV3

5/5 10/10

saintedix responds:

I have an Aquarius mix up already ;) Check it out. It's more of a crazy techno-like trance-like mix.

nice loving the bassline

hahahah another wonderful submission by svinepels. you've done it again

so much variation. i love it. the pad and the bassline blew my mind. again, i'd have to say, you've pretty much left fond of fortresses and natural curiosity in the dust, this is simply amazing

5/5 10/10

keep it up!!

svinepels responds:

Wow, even Fond of Fortresses? That means this is your new favorite :D Thanks for the review, buddy, and the top score!

does remind me of space :D

aside from the lengthy intro melody, this piece was pretty impressive. i like the cymbals that came in around 2:10. some parts were a little repetitive, prefferably the intro melody, but it was nice and had some cool filtering effects, so ill let it slide. i was expecting a little more variation being that it is a 7 minute song, i guess the sound effects and transistions in the beat count. not one of my personal favorites of yours, but very well composed nonetheless

4/5 8/10

(im got a new track up after 2 months of nothing, and will uploading another today)

svinepels responds:

Thanks for the review. I know that the repetitiveness of this song may not fit everyone's musical taste. It's actually inspired by a piece of one of my favorite bands, a 9 minute long, repetitive xylophone orchestration which is so repetitive that the small variations that appear through the whole song are more easily noticed. It's one of the best songs I know! That's what I tried in this song too, to have a repetitive theme but to have small variations that kind of make the whole thing epic. But I'm glad you liked it, if not as much as many of my other songs :)

By the way, I have actually made a lot of songs in 2010, I've just not cared to upload them to Newgrounds. If you're interested, you can download my newest album from my news section, or just wait until I eventually upload the new songs :]

ok this is way too good to put in words

i dont know how u pulled this off, but out of all the songs ive reviewed, (almost 300, lol sparta!!) anyways, this is probably the best of them all

musical genius u r!! 5/5 10/10 downloaded

(check out sum of my stuff, preferably the more recent)

T-Free responds:

Thanks for the review, BallinFatty! xD
I'm glad you enjoyed listening, and I'll check out some of your recent tracks in a moment. :)

well, long time no hear :)

good to hear from u again.. is this new, or sumthing from a while back? it sounds much different from anything ive ever heard from you (thats a good thing). this actually isnt bad at all, only thing i would say needs to be tweaked is the drum beat. it doesnt change hardly ever. its fits great for this type of song, but a little variation wouldve been nice. other than that, this is pretty dam epic

5/5 10/10 downloaded, nice job!! if this isnt a new piece, id like to see what yur capable of now. heres my latest piece if u havent already listened to it
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/324624

Wraithrot responds:

Sweet stuff. I will check it out.

I'll be posting something that's actually new I suppose. But the thing needs vocals, and not my vocals. I might grab someone soon to do it. Be on the look out.

I am awesome. Read my news posts. If you want to learn more about me, go to my facebook page. If you dont like my music, unscouted art, or myself as a human being, then good for you. You should be proud of yourself. If you do, then enjoy my stuff!!

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