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but i still like Iron Pillar and Natural Curiosity better!!!

this is impressive tho!!

5/5 10/10

(check out my new song. it is a remix. review please. thanks)

svinepels responds:

Thanks! I'll check out your song.

that beat is legendary!!!

i think this may be your greatest song yet!!!!!

i honestly dont how you do it, but i could never think of anything as good as this!!

once i heard the beat, i was instantly hooked, and the melody is great too

6/5 12/10 if that was possible
you never fail to amaze me!!

svinepels responds:

You never fail to satisfy me with your reviews, lol! Is it really that great, this song? I like First Impression better, but that's me.

Glad you liked it the melody and beat. Thanks for the 12 and 6!

you are a great person!!

and i great 8 bit remake of a great track

5/5 10/10

keep it up!! i love your 8 bit remakes

i heard this at OCremix

and it is awesome

this song makes me think of a group reptiles...

thats the first image that popped in my head, was a bunch of lizards chilling out together... lol kinda weird

this wasnt as good (in my opinion) as your others, but it was good, nice use of sound FX throughout. i still say that "Iron Pillar" was your best song

good job tho 4/5 8/10

svinepels responds:

Thanks, this is a more experimental one. I kinda like the funky theme at the beginning and the repetitive theme that continues through the rest of the song.

Still, it's much better than many of my other songs. I hope you agree.

the bass line is very catchy

i really like this one!

tho around 1 min got a little outta hand and off beat

but other than that, really good!!!! sweet drum beat also

keep it up

svinepels responds:

lol, i know. this song is more crazy than most of my other songs. Thanks though! What did you think about the... what should i say, the experimental ending?

the best track in S3

i like how you did the drum beat in the beginning

overall great job!!

keep it up

nice work here!!!

unlike those guys below, i think slowing the tempo down was a great idea. it gave it a soothign feel. not like all the other remakes on this website where everything is the same

i like how you did this one

keep it up

you used FL7 or 8 didnt you??

i recognize the drums and the piano/bell used as the melody

good job with this one


this is pretty awesome in my opinion

you did a good job here. nice touch with the guitars

5/5 10/10

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