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pretty good

lol first 9. some of the sounds didnt sound quite too right to me, but that main organ you used owned this remix!! (maybe i'm being a lil' picky)

this song was the best song on that game!!

keep it up

4/5 9/10

much potential

first off, you picked a very good song to remix
secondly, you most definitly made it better than the original

if you really want to get my attention, you should do a remix of the Shiver star factory level, i think its world 5-4??


i love the many different pads and SFX you used

this is an extremely good remix!!!

keep it up!!

(check out some of my songs) :D


this is freakin hardcore!!!

i love it!!!

metal, pretty rare here. nice!!!

dude, this is pretty flippin sweet!! i like this one a lot. reminds me of that song on guitar hero 3, "raining blood", except this song is much better than that song.

anyways, definite potential here. keep it up!!

stoofighter responds:

thats a slayer song ur talkin about, fuckin amazin. and thanx, its a compliment and a half to hear someone say ur song is better than a slayer song haha

this isnt too bad...

pretty good. the background guitar is awesome sounding!! but i liked it up until about 1:00.

then it started getting a little outta hand

still good, even tho i've never heard this song b4 until just now

2.5/5 7/10

G0rd0 responds:

thanks for the review!
and yeah, the strong point of this song is definitely in the background guitar.
i also have to agree that this would sound a little ridiculous without having listened to the original, but yes, thanks very much for the review, and i'll keep your words in mind should I try to redo this song. :D

G0rd0 out.


this is pretty good. i like that synthy thing, and yes, FL slayer is a craphole sometimes.

i say you should remix the tree level or the factory level

thats what i'm working on right now.

5/5 10/10

(check out some of my remixes...)

potential man,

this is good, i love how you transformed the original into a hardcore techno rave scene from its pirate-like thing

love this!!

5/5 10/10

(check out some of my remixes!!)

dude, submit to OC!!!

i totally agree with DJ-Chinon. you really should give it a whack with OCremix. i think they just might put it up.

this is one of the best bgm's on DKC 2, but if you want my opionion, the mine shaft level has the best bgm in DKC 2. maybe you should try remixing that one.

anyways, excellent job.

5/5 10/10

this is really awesome!!

if you can pull this off, you should do a remix of blaze heatnix's stage and metal shark players stage.

this is really good, but those stages have cooler songs

5/5 10/10

keep it up!!

Zero-Resurrected responds:

Both of them in the same remix?? Hmm sounds interesting!

i love it!!!

that was the funnest level in that game, partly becuase it had the coolest music, and you just made it better!!!

killer job!!!

I am awesome. You may or may not agree. If you don't, too bad. I drew the characters on my page using Microsoft paint. Yes, I said that. Such an underrated program. I use this site to share my music with the world. Hope you enjoy my stuff!!

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