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this dungeon was stupid and hard

but this track is awesome and trippy

i like how the panning goes slowly from left to right

makes me feel dizzy with headphone on

Charem responds:

XD Dizziness FTW!


wow, it's ironic, i was actually thinking about remixing this song, but now that i've heard how you've arranged it, i dont think i could do it.

this is my favorite seasons dungeon btw

keep it up

4/5/ 9/10

Charem responds:

Thanks...not that this tune was too special, but I'm glad you liked it. =P

really good!!!

again i say, not many ppl remix this song, which happens to be my favorite song in that game

(btw, this stage is very hard, lol)

this is really awesome

5/5 10/10

(check out some of my remixes)

Charem responds:

I could've done better with this song (I still rue the ending), but thank you! =)


dude, i like your style. you remix songs not many people would think about remixing, and thats what makes you stand out a great deal.

you have earned my respect

Charem responds:

I hate following the crowd. XD

Thanks for the positive review! (The last guy really hurt my score, but you certainly helped it back up!)

now this, this is much much better

HOLY F-ING CRAP!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

see, this is the classic blake morgan music i know

part one was wack, but this song part 2 dominates all of your "elemental" series songs (except for fire elemental, that was pretty rad)

i like the variation of instruments you used too

keep it up man

6/5 12/10

(we should make a collab and call it wind elemental, just a cool idea)

Noizaholic responds:

Wind Elemental...

I like this idea...

Rapid Elemental...



cool bells,
annoying hat,
and a weird pad at the end

way too short for my liking

and i know it's a part one, but should have been a little longer

pretty awesome stuff right here!!

it would have sounded better with a synth, slayer doesnt fit this song well, (except for the intro, f-ing amazing sounding) i know how it feels not being able to find a synth thats sounds good with a remix

anyways, good job!!

(check out my sonic remix)

Evan-Kaminari responds:

I did realise this - but with the limited resources I have, it was difficult to pick out a synth that would fit well. I guess I had no other choice.

But thank you!


i love the way you remixed. my favorite thing about this remix is the extra vocalish arp in the background

good work with the piano too

this is aweosme!!!

keep it up. with this technique, i'd be impressed to see what you could do remixing the wasp nest stage music.

UnrealReno responds:

Thanks for your review!

I will think about the wasp stage, if I make something I will let you know ;)

impressive!! i love it!!

wow, you did a good job on this.

i love how it sounds so much like the actuall thing, but spiffed up so much

this is good, you should do a remix of stages 9-12, thats the best song on that game

keep it up!!!

(check out my sonic remix)

Evan-Kaminari responds:

Yes!! I love most of the tracks from this game.

((And I did!))

not to shabby...

this is not to bad

the good
~~awesome melody
~~you changed the usual drum beat

the bad
~~a little repetitive
~~the orchestrated hits weren't in tune with the rest of the song at tmes

overall, i say this song is pretty darn awesome

4/5 8/10

I am awesome. You may or may not agree. If you don't, too bad. I drew the characters on my page using Microsoft paint. Yes, I said that. Such an underrated program. I use this site to share my music with the world. Hope you enjoy my stuff!!

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