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this one is no where as good as your others. i'm not being mean, theres just something about this one that is just too obnoxious. maybe if you would of slowed it down, it would have been a little better. and i've also noticed that you used the same drum beat in fantectacy mind, radon, godzebra, and now this one

the solo from 0:28 - 0:37 was AWESOME though

you should make something a little better next time

btw, cool name for the song


this is much better than the toaster song i reviewed. i like the beeping thing that goes on through the majority of the song. makes me really think of sleeping fridges (if they actually existed, unless you mean sleeping as in their present state)

overall, i say this is really awesome!!!

keep it up!!


(review my newest song please!)

unlike those guys, i think the intro is good

this is pretty good. the only part that really got my attention was the beginning. overall, i LOVE the mess melody, one of the best ones you've come up with, but you should've changed it up a bit. i dont like the part that comes in at about 40 seconds, but other than that, i'd say this is a really good track you got here

(wow, long review)

now that i've said all that, go review my song you said you'd review a week ago, and my new one :)

whoa, psychadelic!!

this is really good. you could have made it a little longer though


boggypete responds:

Wow thanks! I was thinking of making it a bit longer but I ran out of time. I do like making short songs though. Be sure to check out my other songs and tell me what you think. I will be posting another tomorrow (because I don't like to swamp the portal with my stuff all at once) which will be longer, it's called Sleeping Fridges so keep an eye out for it.

potential, but it's missing something

the drum beat is wicked cool. i like the arp also. but you could have used a little variety on instruments. it gets a little better around 1:30 when the arp changes too

overall, this is really good


keep it up!!

good, but the instrument

this is good, cool melody, but you should of picked a better instrument. after a while it starts to get agrivating

and it needs a beat too

other than that, pretty good

lol for that random note at about 1:30

dagothpimplord1 responds:

ya that was an accident but i fogot bout it.... to late now xD

even better

this is much better, tho the only difference i notice is deeper, more synthyer pads

this is good!!

keep it up

dagothpimplord1 responds:

thanks i thought the synth pads would be better if they were deeper so i did it
thanks for the ten

pretty good

yea, this is really good, i say put the remix up.

why did they take 2 weeks to approve this?? this is really relaxing and melodic

5/5 10/10

keep it up!!

dagothpimplord1 responds:

idk the guy was on vacation or high i bet
lol thanks for the 5

i love this!!!

aside from the chicago level, the anaconda mini-game music had the best soundtrack.

i love how you made this turn out!!!!

5/5 10/10

(check out some of my remixes :D)

BagCartel responds:

Thanks and will do~


this is good, but personally, i like the ts1 streets song better
the ts2 version is ok tho

you should try remixing the ts1 version

btw, 2nd best shooter out there, in my opionon

I am awesome. You may or may not agree. If you don't, too bad. I drew the characters on my page using Microsoft paint. Yes, I said that. Such an underrated program. I use this site to share my music with the world. Hope you enjoy my stuff!!

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