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this would sound good with vocals!

i like this a lot. the only flaw is that it is really repetitive, but thats how a lot of hip-hop tends to be anyway. so no problem.

nice string work in the background too

5/5 10/10

goerdi responds:

thx if you want to you can rap on it
yeah i know but i make my beats for fun...nothing serious so i dont think to much about fancy stuff and im fine with a beat that sound same for 4 mins and i can see a lot of people like them anyway

hey, i like this

this is pretty awesome. and it is indeed very peaceful. i like the drum beat a LOT

keep it up

5/5 10/10


i heard this at the end of one of those madness flashes, and thought it was pretty awesome, so i can here to say this is awesome. nice work!!

wow. i see why she chose it as a ringtone

this one is pretty awesome. i like the random chord progressions throughout the end of each verse

this may be an old song, but it is a good one

5/5 10/10

(check out my new song "Adrenaline Rush")

svinepels responds:

Thanks again! Your top scores feel undeserved.
I reviewed Adrenaline Rush!

is the world 5 sky map theme??

i'm pretty sure thats what it is,

this isnt half bad

keep it up

Sephirot24 responds:

Yep, that's it.
Well, at least it's recognizable :)

Thanks for taking your time to review!


wow, idk if i can sum it up like the last guy, but

this is amazing!!!

like i said in the other reviews, i love the old 8 bit feel

kinda makes me fell like wanting to play an old nintendo game right now. this sounds like a song that would be in an old megaman game

this is awesome

if i could vote higher than a 5 i would

5/5 10/10

svinepels responds:

Thank you very much, mister! :D

hey, this is the game over tune!!!

wow this is very good. who knew such awesomeness could come from such a simple tune!!!

nice work with the orchesrtated stuff...

you should submit this to OCremix

5/5 10/10

lol does kinda sound like speed rap w/ no vocals

i didnt really enjoy it all too much until about 1:06.

it is really good though. i like the high speed tempo, but it just doesnt sound like the kinda of music i like

still, i see that all your skill and talent came through overall

4/5 10/10

i love the old game sound at the beginning!!!

wow. this is awesme. and it got even better at around 50 seconds. if only you had been part of the sound team when they still made and produced old nintendo games

this is completly awesome, and with this song you have earned my respect

5/5 10/10

svinepels responds:

Thanks! Your words mean a lot!

completly awesome

i love the orchestrated mix. not to often you see an orchestrated remix.

this is great. i love it

5/5 10/10

I am awesome. You may or may not agree. If you don't, too bad. I drew the characters on my page using Microsoft paint. Yes, I said that. Such an underrated program. I use this site to share my music with the world. Hope you enjoy my stuff!!

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