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full of happyness, sorta

sorry i took so long to respond to your message. this is actually really good. you were right. i would like it. makes me think of a really happy guy glissfully exploring some kind of happy forest. i have no idea why that image popped in my head, but thats what this makes me think of

it is a little repetitive, but its worth it since the melody is cool. that synth takes the cake

seriously, i can see great things coming from you. keep it up!! 4/5 9/10

better than my first song

this is good for a first full song. i particuallarly enjoyed the choir that came in at 0:36. the high piano notes were a good add-in too. with a little more practice, more variation and instruments, i could see great music coming from you

4/5 9/10. keep it up!!

check out some of my stuff if you get the chance

nightmar149 responds:

Thanks so much! I hope to improve a lot!

IdNemesis, you are a noob

this song is the version from ocremix. you need to get your facts straight. obviously you pay absolutly no attention to the things happening in the world. so you can go suck on your whislte that you would have blown

as for the song, i think i may have already reviewed this b4, but yea, i first heard it on OCremix and immediatly downloaded it. you have true talent. i also thought that the piece you collabed with sixto sounds was brilliant. you are a truly talented remixer

5/5 10/10

i was listening

and at first i was like awesome, then the part thats in castle crashers popped up and i was like WTF??? SWEET!!! why would they use just a sample of this awesomeness in that game??

makes no sense

10/10 5/5

sounds like battle music to me

not a victory theme. nonetheless, this is awesome!!

5/5 10/10


hardly anyone remixes spyro the dragon songs. this is the second one i've found on newgrounds

ReploidCiel responds:

It's a great game. I always dreamed about having Spyro as a pet when I was little. Hahaha >.>

i like the instruments

they just dont go to this song. however, the composition is great, so you get an 8

good work!! keep it up

pheel responds:

I appreciate your opinion
Thanks very much :)

good stuff

altho i'm not usually a big fan of music that sonuds like this, this is actually pretty decent. i like the airy sounding fx in there. sorry it took so long to review this. i've been kinda busy

this has potential. 5\5 10/10

keep it up!!

to the guy below me

you can get FLstudio8 demo for free, but it doesnt have everything to offer. it's what i use

and for the song. great remix!! i also noticed thats it's a pitch higher than the otriginal, but thats ok because it sounds awesome. you should try remixing the spring yard zone, aside from labyrinth and scrapbrain that is the best track.

congrats for making top30 with your mean bean maching track

lol wow long review

Evan-Kaminari responds:

Thanks a lot - thanks for taking the time to review. :3

the 1st spyro remix i've seen on newgrounds!!

and its in 8 bit!!

i dont see why no one remixes spyro songs. they r awesome

as is this. 5/5 10/10

ReploidCiel responds:

I know right? I have another Spyro remix, check it out!
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/225682

I am awesome. You may or may not agree. If you don't, too bad. I drew the characters on my page using Microsoft paint. Yes, I said that. Such an underrated program. I use this site to share my music with the world. Hope you enjoy my stuff!!

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