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wow, this is a fantastic mix!!

i notice original melodies, change of tempo, and mixing of rhythm

fantastic job here. best SoS remix i've heard so far

5/5 10/10

great job!!!

chasse arp??

you used FL8??

i recognize the chasse arp from the beginning

jiffypop23 responds:

yup yup
FL7 actually.... im more comfortable with 7 than 8.
thanks for the review! =D

didnt know this was sonic

i heard this here on newgrounds once, then i heard it in super smash bros brawl, and i was thinking, why did they put a random newgrounds song on a wii game?? then i realized it was a sonic song

lol for slow

great remix by the way 5/5 10/10

wow. big improvement from the last!!

love it. sounds so much clearer and better structured than the previous

i hear some new drums and some echo

great job here

5/5 10/10

8 bit fan right here

you really did a wonderful job of capturing the theme in this one. plus it's in 8 bit, so it's even more awesome

huge 8 bit fan right here

great work!!! 5/5 10/10

tsunami334 responds:

thanks for the review


this is so beautiful sounding. love the string work, espicially the violin that comes in at around 1:25

good keys too

simply fantastic. i wish my stuff sounded this good

5/5 10/10

C-Enterprise responds:

Ehe thanks man i appreciate that =)
Thanks for the 5 and 10 also

the ending was awesome

i was totally not expecting the deep voice at the end


love the tribal sounding beats

really reminds me of the more modern tribal dancing around a fire, with a DJ in the back

lol weird thoughts

this is well composed. i like your style, the beats are amazing

5/5 10/10

Zekuence responds:

Thank you! Your opinions are gold.

did you use FL8??

i recognize the main synth (which sounds great btw) and a lot of the effects throughout

this is really good. well organized and structured

wonderful job you did here

5/5 10/10

Zekuence responds:

Thanks man, I appreciate your opinion. :)

lol eveyone on the club kill yourslef

lol sounds like a emo rave guy

the music is good

4/5 8/10

pygmyguru responds:

hey! my voice isnt that emo! :(

I am awesome. You may or may not agree. If you don't, too bad. I drew the characters on my page using Microsoft paint. Yes, I said that. Such an underrated program. I use this site to share my music with the world. Hope you enjoy my stuff!!

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