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finally a new one

it's been a while since i've heard something new from you. this one isnt as good as your others but its pretty decent.

this is my 200th music review!!

4/5 8/10

svinepels responds:


panic puppet!!

i made remix of that a while back (you should check it out sometime...)

i've been trying to do a diamond dust remix too, just cant get it to sound right tho

great job here!! 5/5 10/10

azure lake!!!

probably the best sonic track of all time, besides hydrocity and scrap brain

great job, even tho i've never heard the stardust speedway song, i could tell it apart.

great job here!! 5/5 10/10

not bad for a beginner

i've heard that garageband is supposed to be really good. i only have FL8, and it's a demo, so there not much for me to do. and MIDI's are not cool either. i can believe that you really did this. i try my best too. (check out some of my stuff)

decent job with this. 4/5 8/10

melody at 9 secs was epic!!

i actually have a song i made with that instrument in ( i dont remember which one it is, it's been a while)
maybe you can find it somewhere in my 79 submissions

anyways, good song!!

4/5 10/10. keep it up!!

this was posted on 9-11

and that put a visual in my head as i was listening. the airplanes came at the buildings and they crashed at 0:12. then as it plays on, up until 0:37 the image of firefighters rushing to the scene to save the people who have been attacked. we will never forget those brave and loved lost on that day

this is truly epic piece of work. it you were to finish it, it would be worthy of recognition

5/5 10/10 downloaded

wow trailer with a porch

this is so mean. but it's actually funny

MikeTaylor responds:

hah thanks man

this is amazing

i guess an 8 bit tune can sound epic after all!!!

you did a phenominal job with this one. i love how most of it stops at around 1:13 and then slowly begins to build back up!! that takes the cake right there!!!

again, great work!! 5/5 10/10 downloaded

Hades responds:

It's good to hear you liked it so much, man! Thanks a lot for your compliments! ;D


i honestly dont see how anyone can come up with stuff this awesome!!. i cant think of anyway to improve it, better yet make anything better than this

epic win!!!

10/10 5/5

this is the kind of stuff you make that i like

this is pretty awesome!!

i like how it's all clicky just like G&W

he wasn't all that good tho...

5/5 10/10

saintedix responds:

Yeah, his character sucked BAD...

I am awesome. You may or may not agree. If you don't, too bad. I drew the characters on my page using Microsoft paint. Yes, I said that. Such an underrated program. I use this site to share my music with the world. Hope you enjoy my stuff!!

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