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epic wonderful

the beginning seemed to be a little off beat, but once the drums kicked in, you could tell it wasnt offbeat

theis is so beautiful and enchanting

love it!! 5/5 10/10

(check out some of my stuff, which probably isnt this good)

simply amazing!!!

who knew something so good could come from something so simple as stage 3-4??

love the ghosty sounding thing that comes in at 1:11

that just killed it right there!!

outstanding job!! 5/5 10/10

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wow, this is fantastic

this sounds so much like megaman. i know this is original, and for that i give you props. tyhis is truly awesome

you're good at this

keep it up!! 5/5 10/10

cant help but saying it sounds like megaman

this is good since you actually wrote it, and it's in 8bit, and i'm a huge 8 bit fan. i just wish i had some 8 bit stuff, FL* is too new

great work here!!!

5/5 10/10

awesome job here

gives it the feel like sonic is running through some kind of heating factory, or some sort of giant furnace

me and my crazy imagination

this is very impressive

5/5 10/10

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darkmelee responds:

that's right. it's essentially a waste-burning facility. not so crazy now, eh? thank you for your support.

wow, this is a fantastic mix!!

i notice original melodies, change of tempo, and mixing of rhythm

fantastic job here. best SoS remix i've heard so far

5/5 10/10

great job!!!

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chasse arp??

you used FL8??

i recognize the chasse arp from the beginning

jiffypop23 responds:

yup yup
FL7 actually.... im more comfortable with 7 than 8.
thanks for the review! =D

didnt know this was sonic

i heard this here on newgrounds once, then i heard it in super smash bros brawl, and i was thinking, why did they put a random newgrounds song on a wii game?? then i realized it was a sonic song

lol for slow

great remix by the way 5/5 10/10

wow. big improvement from the last!!

love it. sounds so much clearer and better structured than the previous

i hear some new drums and some echo

great job here

5/5 10/10

8 bit fan right here

you really did a wonderful job of capturing the theme in this one. plus it's in 8 bit, so it's even more awesome

huge 8 bit fan right here

great work!!! 5/5 10/10

tsunami334 responds:

thanks for the review

I am awesome. Read my news posts. If you want to learn more about me, go to my facebook page. If you dont like my music, unscouted art, or myself as a human being, then good for you. You should be proud of yourself. If you do, then enjoy my stuff!!

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